I’m not sure if my equipment is adequate or accepted. How can I verify it?

Definitely contact the organisation team. We answer quickly.

Is it possible to borrow equipment or weapons?

The organisers will not offer any equipment  to borrow. We recommend to contact other participants or groups, if necessary. Eventually you can contact us and we’ll try to figure something out.

However, this year it will be possible to borrow a Hanwei Practical Rapier 43″ for a 10€ fee for the rapier tournament. Daggers won’t be provided.

How will be the tournament organised?

The system of competing will depend on the number of participants. Tournament will, however, consist of several phases: Basic groups or pools, in which every member of a group will meet with everyone else in their pool. Depending on the number of participants a certain number of best fighters will continue to Elimination phase. In this phase the victor of a fight continues on the road to the finale.

What are the prizes for winners?

We are in the middle of negotiations with sponsors, so stay tuned 🙂

I’d like to attend the after party, but I don’t have anywhere to spend the night. What are my options?

We are able to offer a certain limited amount of places to sleep at the organisers’ homes. We can also recommend different hotels and hostels. Anyway, if you plan to spend the night in Bratislava and also fully enjoy the after party with us, contact us as soon as possible.

Is lunch included in the entry fee? How about other meals?

Entry fee should cover basic organisation costs. During the tournament a table with refreshment, such as fruit, baguettes, sweets, coffee, tea, non-alcoholic drinks etc. will be available to the contestants. At the after party a small catering will be present. Lunch, however, is not included in the entry fee.

Will the organisers provide any kind of insurance?

No, injury insurance is not a part of the entry fee, nor do the organisers provide any other form of insurance. It’s in the best interest of each participant to get an adequate insurance for him/herself.

Will a medical doctor be present?

The organisers will secure trained medical personnel on the spot that will be able to provide basic treatment in case of injury.

Is it possible to make a video or take pictures?

Yes, anyone can take pictures or film the event.  We’d like to notify you that the area with arenas is inaccessible to normal visitors. In case you’d like to be a part of technical support (operate the cameras in each arena etc.) please contact the organisation team.